Oribi George… South Coast Natal, South Africa…   30 comments

Oribi Gorge is situated along the spectacular forest-cloaked ravine of the Mzimkulwana river just west of Port Shepstone which itself is 120 km south of Durban. Oribi Gorge is the eastern gorge of two gorges that cuts through the Oribi Flats (flat sugarcane farmlands), southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The western gorge was formed by the Mzimkulu river. At the base of the cliffs of both gorges there are rocks over 1000 million years old while the cliffs themselves are formed from sandstone deposited about 365 million years ago.

The road through Oribi Gorge was built by Italian prisoners of war.

the Oribi Gorge, which is approximately 27 km long, 4 km wide (widest point) and 400 m deep. In 1950 it was proclaimed a protected state forest.

This is from an excerpt from a local business in the gorge…”Lose all senses of self preservation and experience the ultimate rush of the Wild Swing at Oribi Gorge. Launch yourself off Lehr’s Falls, 100m into the abyss of the Oribi Gorge on the world’s highest gorge swing. Leaves you feeling breathless and exhilarated!”   Also shows if you are sane or not….

Instructions are given….


Down they go to the jump off spot…and then “ready steady…jump”





















































“I’m back now it’s your turn”… other thinks “Why did I agree to this?”


This is what they jump down into… would you?






















But one thing is for sure.. this gorge is one beautiful area of South Africa… Me at a lookout spot..



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30 responses to “Oribi George… South Coast Natal, South Africa…

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  1. I’m thinking that the first lookout spot there is just a wee bit too not enclosed for my tastes……….lol

  2. Crazy! I would never do it, but I can understand why people are drawn to it. it’s a beautiful place. :-)

  3. It’s beautiful! I prefer to view my vistas with both feet on the ground, though, thank you very much!

  4. Pictures like these make me remember what a spectacularly beautiful country we live in. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Question..was that guy pushing her or helping her..
    Answer…to your question..they’re insane in my opinion and I would NEVER do it…
    Comment….WHAT?????? ARE YOU CRAZY?, standing on that little shelf!!!!!!!

    • Yes I think he gives a little push of encouragement, actually saw him give one man a good push who seemed to change his mind as he started to go… the guy is attached to a safety rope but it could be fairly painful if you got tugged by someone over the edge…
      That little edge gives one a magnificent view specially with a camera…. looks a lot more dangerous than it is… a short fall into trees is all that’s below you… looks more spectacular and dangerous than what it is..

  6. I consider myself sane. Beautiful place but I’ll just watch, thank you. :-)

  7. First – it is a breath-takingly beautiful place
    Second – I’m scared of heights, too… There was NO Way I could it…I wanted to pull you away from the edge! :)

  8. After I’ve lived a good long life, I would LOVE to jump in….like when I’m 95! Great photos. Fun to behold. :) And I agree, get down now! Scaring me with that danger. :)

  9. That is freaking me out! I m scared of heights! But the photos are great :D

  10. Oh Goodness… I got my adrenaline rush just seeing you out there at the edge of that ledge!! Stunning photos – and what a magnificent spot this is. Your country just looks like paradise bds! Thank you for taking me on a wild adventure to Oribi Gorge this morning – but keeping me safe here just the same…. the photos captured so much:) !!

  11. WOW! This is amazing, should be so excited too. Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

  12. Simply wow to the beauty who captured … and there is no way I would make it out there on that ledge!

  13. Oh Noooooo!! You made my stomach leap into my mouth, with your crazy “living on the edge” photo. I’ve been to Oribi Gorge a couple of times, but was much more cautious than yourself. :lol:

  14. Get down from there – you’re freaking me out!! LOL Those are amazing photos. I say I would love to do the gorge swing, but if I was actually standing there looking down at the gorge, I’m thinking that I would probably chicken out!! Where do they end up by the way? Down at a lower level, or do they get pulled back up?

  15. Great post!

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