To all my American followers…. happy 4th July…   38 comments

Photos from when I visited your country….





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Posted July 4, 2014 by bulldog in Photography, Thoughts of the Bulldog

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38 responses to “To all my American followers…. happy 4th July…

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  1. I hope that when you visited you really enjoyed the U.S., Rob. I would love to visit your country some day!

    • Yes we loved the USA, our visit was just too short as both having businesses running we had to return to ensure they were still going… but we got to see a bit of the east side and really enjoyed the high pace visits we di, yet felt we got to see a lot… Places like NYC need a couple of months just to see all it has to offer, Washington like wise, but it was a wonderful experience to see how the other side of the world lives…

  2. I am a new American, so I can say “thanks”. :-)

  3. Love those photos Rob, each one looks like a postcard.

  4. From those of here in the colony, thank you.

  5. Lovely pictures, Rob. May the fourth be with all Americans today! ;)

  6. Thank you Bulldog – great shots and very fitting :-)

  7. Great photos as always Bulldog! That first one looks like the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks for recognizing your U.S. friends. Hope you are on the road to mending. :)

    • Thanks LuAnn yes the stock exchange in NYC …
      Struggling with the lung but the Dr who took out the stitches says it was a bigger op than what we think and it is to be expected…. found out he was one of the Doctors that served Mr Nelson Mandela during his illnesses… so he must be one of the top in our country….

      • Wonderful to know you are in good hands. Be patient with yourself as you heal. I know that at times patience is not one of the stronger traits for some of you men, or so I’ve heard. ;)

  8. Not american so will not be celebrating 4th July. However, I enjoyed your photos and very much my few visits to the US some years ago.

    Brian (aka Golfspice)
  9. Thank you, Bulldog. What lovely shots! How I wish you and Linda could make your way here again. Would love to show you around my neck of the woods. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you are feeling well. :)

    • Thanks Skye… struggling with the lung but the Dr. says it is to be expected….
      One never knows what the future holds for us…maybe one day we get back there….

  10. Thank you and great shot there :)

  11. These are gorgeous photos bulldog – thanks for sharing them!
    Diana xo

  12. Can you imagine being dressed up like that in the heat? Lots of 4th of July parties today, I bet.

  13. Thank you! And lovely photos you took.

  14. Thank you so much Bulldog!

  15. Thanks Bulldog! Hope you have a lovely weekend as well. Nice photos you took. Hope you enjoyed the USA when you were here!

  16. Thank you, bulldog. I hope you and Linda have a great weekend.

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