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Are all store owners qualified to sell their so called pets… read George’s post and wow, look at the brilliant photography…

Originally posted on She Kept A Parrot:

Lucy’s July Fourth Portrait

She has been with us for two months.

She is eleven inches long and very wide.

She is officially a juvenile dragon.


Actually, Lucy is a Lucifer.

Lesson #1

When you choose names for pets

thatare notdimorphic

Choose gender neutral names

if it matters to you.


This sad photo was filed under the title, “Day One”.

I thought this little creature was so cute.

That’s all I knew about Dragons.

What I didn’t know is that she was horribly dehydrated.

She was malnourished.

The bend in her tail was symptomatic of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease)

Caused by a calcium deficiency.


The supervisor of the exotic animals at the chain pet store

Told me to feed mealworms as you see here.

I had no idea that they have virtually no nutritional value

and the exoskeleton causes impaction in dragons.

Crickets have little nutritional value…

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Posted July 6, 2014 by bulldog in Photography

22 responses to “Saving Dragons

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  1. My daughter had two Dragons, but the female died 2 weeks ago, while she was in labour :( They are very cute. I like the headbanging when I come to visit :D Excellent photos. I’ll hop over to the blog of George now to see the rest :)

  2. Oh my word, these photos are stunning my friend.

  3. These are gorgeous animals. Not my sort of pet, but I do enjoy watching them

  4. It really upsets me to think that reptiles, birds, any animal is sold so casually. George sounds like an amazing person who truly cares…and did his homework. Thankfully!

    • George mastered this with research on the internet and finding the experts, I wonder how many others do that or do they sit and witness the demise of their pet not knowing they are doing everything wrong??

  5. I like the first photo especially and good to read the story about the dragon. Photography is so inspiring, and as a bonus naturally encourages learning.

    Brian (aka Golfspice)
  6. Shame man – what does she eat now?
    She’s very pretty.

  7. Thanks for sharing this I had no idea, poor poor dragons. I wonder how many other pet store animals die of the same fate, that Lucy could have. Makes me sad. But seeing Lucy now, makes me very happy.

  8. Great photography! And interesting to know about the tail bend. Hope she’s doing well now!

  9. Lovely reblog, as we had a beardy, I love reading it. She is beautiful as ours was.

  10. Awesome photography bulldog!
    Diana xo

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