The African Jacana, a true beauty.

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African Jacana (Actophilornis africana) identified by huge feet and claws enabling them to walk on floating vegetation in shallow lakes, their preferred habitat. At lake panic in the Park, you cannot help but get good pictures, they’re right there next to the hide.

The Jacana feeds on insects and other invertebrates picked from floating vegetation on the waters surface.


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Good morning sunshine, Oh to survive the day!

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The humble Giraffe long of neck, with only seven neck vertebrae reaching a length of two metres long. Living off the top branches of its favourite tree, this is a marvellous specimen of nature, with a tongue half a metre long that withstand the piercingly long thorns of some of it’s favourite trees.

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The Giraffe is fed on by Lion when the opportunity arises, but many a Lion have discovered the kick of the animal can sometimes mean so much more than a headache type hangover. They can deliver a vicious kick and due to their fast galloping gait are not easy prey for the predators of the Park.

Elephants and their young.


The African Elephant mother is extremely protective of their young, certainly not the time to pet the young. The little guy on the right spent a lot of time trying to do head stands, or he was trying to get his trunk to behave properly. The trunks take training, much like our children have to learn to control their hands, and it can be highly entertaining watching as they struggle with that long nose.

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   The wrong end to be near at certain times of day.