Elephants and their young.


The African Elephant mother is extremely protective of their young, certainly not the time to pet the young. The little guy on the right spent a lot of time trying to do head stands, or he was trying to get his trunk to behave properly. The trunks take training, much like our children have to learn to control their hands, and it can be highly entertaining watching as they struggle with that long nose.

tue 19-07-2011 146  

   The wrong end to be near at certain times of day.                                                                                                          

7 thoughts on “Elephants and their young.

  1. That little guy in your second photo is precious. He looks like he is trying to play hide and seek. And that third shot really reveals the texture of the elephants thick hide. Your photos are marvelous!

  2. Yes Spook, I have had my fair share of dodging the “big guys” my last trip had a matriarch giving three bulls a chase about obviously felt they were harassing one of her junior girls, we ended in the middle of this with elephant charging around us like we were part of the herd.

  3. Without a shadow of a doubt Elephants have always been my favourite. Beautiful to see and observe and bright with it as well. Loved this but remember to watch out fro the matriarch as they are very protective and can be fierce dangerous.

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