Good morning sunshine, Oh to survive the day!

game res 18-07-2011 068

The humble Giraffe long of neck, with only seven neck vertebrae reaching a length of two metres long. Living off the top branches of its favourite tree, this is a marvellous specimen of nature, with a tongue half a metre long that withstand the piercingly long thorns of some of it’s favourite trees.

Thur 21-07-2011 237







The Giraffe is fed on by Lion when the opportunity arises, but many a Lion have discovered the kick of the animal can sometimes mean so much more than a headache type hangover. They can deliver a vicious kick and due to their fast galloping gait are not easy prey for the predators of the Park.

4 thoughts on “Good morning sunshine, Oh to survive the day!

  1. Interest summary of the Giraffes’ lifestyle. I love the photos. Is the smaller Giraffe standing underneath the larger one? It appears so in your photograph.

  2. I well remember being in the park and coming across a pride of Lions finishing off eating a Giraffe. My eldest daughter although then still a small child asked what happened. Mum explained to which she replied, “Agh Shame man.”

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