The Speckled Mousebird. of Kruger National Park

The Speckled Mousebird (Colius striatus) is the largest most common of the mousebirds. This one was photographed at the campsite Lower Sabie, and almost posed for the photo. I captured him on film on following days, obvious a favoured plant.

                                             In the trees.                                                                                                      On the Plant.

mossie 4

mossie 2












                         A juvenile                                                                        Its favoured plant, the posed look he seemed to adopt.

mossie 3Mousie

The “Crane Flower of South Africa”

Strelitzia reginae Common names include Strelitzia, Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise. This one is growing in our garden and has started to flower.


  A flower preparing to open, see the resemblance to the beak of a Crane bird?










The open flowers below showing the bird of paradise “look”.