Final arrival at Lake Panic, in the Kruger National Park.

On arrival after yesterdays showing what was encountered on the way, we found a dam full of diverse birds awaiting us. firstly the hippo that approached closer to see who had arrived.


And another hiding behind the tree, if from us or the approaching family member , who knows, maybe they play “Hide and Seek” like us.


To the one side i saw the juvenile grey heron on a mission to capture food, a frog or two.

Thur 21-07-2011 106

Thur 21-07-2011 105

Searching deep amid the grass cover for whatever he could find.

Thur 21-07-2011 107

Not far from him (or her) a pair of cavorting African jacana a photographers dream with their colours and long toes, a great subject to have so close.

Thur 21-07-2011 131

They even have a certain beauty in their reflection.

Thur 21-07-2011 112

Thur 21-07-2011 118

I will leave the rest we saw for another blog, as there are so many.

7 thoughts on “Final arrival at Lake Panic, in the Kruger National Park.

  1. You take wonderful photographs. It is always such a pleasure to visit to capture nature through your eyes. I really love the first shot with the hippo peeping up, creating little ripples on the waters surface. Awesome overall capture with the colors, balance, horizontals, and verticals! Really, all of these shots are superb … great share. 🙂

  2. Glad I stopped by and had a look tonight. Wish I could just hang out and chat about your experiences behind each bird and creature we get to see. You see I originally wished for more pictures with your articles on Street Articles and now I miss the conversations that developed from the articles. I really must create a way to have more time with your writings and your visuals… 🙂 and the wonderful conversations!

  3. They have a lvoely beauty – reflection & actual! What fantastic photos!!! Beautiful birds!
    One day, when I get another type of camera, I’m hoping to be able to phtograph birds as they move too 🙂

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