The Wild Tree Squirrel.


Inhabits savannah woodlands, inclusive of a wide variety of woodland types. It favours trees with suitable holes for nesting, such as Mopani.  Failing the availability of nesting crevices in trees, will sometimes use holes in the ground.

Where they are found:

The southern limit of this rodent’s distribution, extends into the woodland savannah regions of North Western, Northern and Mpumalanga Provinces, and from here eastwards to Swaziland and Mozambique.


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tue 19-07-2011 208

Rietvlei Dam, early morning start. A repost from my other blog my other photos.


The bird hide we like to use, could only take the photo after the sun partially up.


We had entered the hide prior to sun up and I tried to catch the morning sunrise.


As you can see it was coldish with the mist on the water.

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The ducks came out to see what we were up to at that early time of the morn.