Pictures that speak for themselves………

The beauty of this antelope speaks for itself……….the Gemsbok……….
































While this old fellow quietly sleeps, the heat of the day passes………..


7 thoughts on “Pictures that speak for themselves………

  1. I love the markings on the ‘?’. As much as I love animals, I should know what your striped friend is, but I don’t, so perhaps you can clue me in. 🙂 Thanks bunches! Marcy

      • Antelope is what I was looking for, I think. And I saw where you referenced Gemsbok in your text, but I wasn’t sure if that was the species, or if you name the critters that cross your path (I do that, often). LOL. Anyway, thanks for getting back with me. The stripes on those fellows are amazing. I’m glad nature armed them with defenses other than mere speed, although I’m sure the lions would disagree with me. 🙂

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