Birds I’ve Photographed all over………..

Don’t know all their names but just love them…………..

Testers 006-1

Thur 21-07-2011 220












Thur 21-07-2011 185

Thur 21-07-2011 061













Thur 21-07-2011 062

Thur 21-07-2011 174

Thur 21-07-2011 206













Thur 21-07-2011 165

Thur 21-07-2012

11 thoughts on “Birds I’ve Photographed all over………..

  1. So many beautiful and amazing birds, nothing I’ve seen before on some, great photos as always bulldog!

  2. Herons, a partridge, hornbills & a jaiburu stork (or looks like it). That’s what I reckon anyway 🙂
    Some of them look like old 19th century watercolour – pen & wash type illustrations. Beautiful 🙂

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