Reflections, I’m jealous of all the posts.

I’m getting so jealous of all the good reflection photos, thought I’d search and post a few of mine.

reflections 1








The setting suns reflection in the river.








                 An African Jacana with refection.                                                                                                           The Great Heron with its reflection.

reflections 2

reflections 3



















                              The Rising sun upon the sea.                                                                                             The palms and trees in the water.

reflections 4

reflection 3

Sunrise over the Sea and Sunset over the bushveld.

A sunrise over the sea.

southbroom 023
















southbroom 020
















Sat 23-07-2011 114


Sunsets in the Game reserve Kruger National Park and the last in Kathu in the Kalahari.











Fri 22-07-2011 051