Reflections, I’m jealous of all the posts.

I’m getting so jealous of all the good reflection photos, thought I’d search and post a few of mine.

reflections 1








The setting suns reflection in the river.








                 An African Jacana with refection.                                                                                                           The Great Heron with its reflection.

reflections 2

reflections 3



















                              The Rising sun upon the sea.                                                                                             The palms and trees in the water.

reflections 4

reflection 3

11 thoughts on “Reflections, I’m jealous of all the posts.

  1. dumb question. I’ve noticed a pink sun in your photos, what gives it that cast? It is gorgeous, especially in the top shot and your recent post with the big pink ball in the sky, love that yummy color!

  2. Bloody awesome!! Seriously – I love the birds, and the trees in the water 🙂 And that one of wter saturated in light, and the sun on the sea. Ah – that’s all of ’em 😀

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