A little Lion specially for nia…..

Rietvlei 7-5-2012 096


5 thoughts on “A little Lion specially for nia…..

  1. I am so amazed by this place! who owns it? a gov’t owned wildlife preserve perhaps? I have just never seen anything like this where predators and prey are not separated and then add to that people driving in their cars through there! Has anyone ever gotten out of their car? This is an outstanding photo as always, can’t believe the detail you get, beautiful.

    • Gov’t owned, fully fenced, where nature takes its course. You are not allowed out of your car, if you get out then you become part of nature and could end up as lion food.

  2. WOW! and this is a little lion 🙂 Seems amazingly so lovely… Thank you so much dear Rob, and let me add this too, how beautiful to see them in peace and in happiness… This natural park is great… But I wonder some points, maybe it can be a silly question too, sorry for this. How long kilometers to the nearest city of this natural park? Don’t they come to the cities… or residential areas… are they free or are they under control? Please forgive for my questions but I really don’t about this. Love, nia

    • This park is only about 10km from the city centre but they are all well fenced in and cannot get out. Those that I take in the Kruger National Park, live natural lives in a reserve 360km long and about 70km wide, it is fenced but every now and then one will get out and either brought back or shot. When in the park you dont get out your car unless you have a death wish.Whilst in a car they say the lion sees only the car, if you put you arm out they will see that. But they are so lovely..

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