Irene Mall…had to go with the Wife and Daughter

I had to go with today, to a newish mall in Pretoria, for a change I took my camera with, hoping to see something worth snapping. Much to my surprise I found more than I bargained for.

A cow buried in the concrete? Upside down? With an Udder like that, I needed some for the dairy…..

















I then found two fellows studying a shiny ball set into the ground, I think they were wondering how to get it out of there………….




















Karoo meat restaurant, for a steak or lamb chop and then if you prefer a Turkish, Lebanese or Greek meal you are also catered for……



Down an alley passed lots of small interesting shops that had my wife in and out, all clothing so no interest to me………..and then out the door and a bull on his backside, being planted with ivy………………Never spent a cent but enjoyed the walk…………..




12 thoughts on “Irene Mall…had to go with the Wife and Daughter

  1. This is a very interesting place to shoot. That cow is amazing. Who would approve that idea even??? The two guys are beautiful and your shots are great!

  2. Well – very interesting subjects. That first one has got to be the ugliest statue I have ever seen 🙂 I like the two guys with the ball though and I would LOVE to be at that restaurant! Great shots!

  3. laughing! You are learning from Nia! I’m guessing it’s cattle/dairy country then – & it all looks rather nice, actually. And you didn’t even have a coffee? Oh dear!

    • If you only knew how I hate shopping, I think my wife drags me along as a form of punishment. Yes trying out nia’s shots, but wait for the laugh, I’m getting together a mtlawleyshire type blog, but these damn trees are not easy.

        • To shoot an animal is easy, point and press and when you get home you hope one or two come out OK, These bloody trees, I was walking around a tree the other day looking for a shot, a crowd almost gathered wondering what I was up to, one finally came over and asked if I was intending to cut it down, No my Dear, trees aren’t easy…..

            • to give you an idea the leopard shots I have on the blog, came out of approx 235 that I took in an hour, its not often you get a chance to see them in that pose, so you stick the camera out there changing settings and all in double quick time and just shoot.

              • & I take lots of photos of trees 🙂 & flowers & cats & sunsets &…&…&
                There’s heaps of photos of trees you don’t see. Not saying they’re all bad, or even not as good as the ones on the blog – just that there’s heaps of them, Though I will say I always take care to compose the shot etc.

                • That’s the secret, that composing the shot of the tree, I just don’t seem to be able to find that good shot that you do, or maybe the trees here are different. It would be interesting to see how you would handle the trees here, I bet better than me.

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