Trees of Africa and their many uses…

A special tribute for a PhD… who has a need for a laugh… The many trees I photographed and then, there other used.

Better known as the dead tree……                                      The live tree………………                                                    and the leaf tree……..

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And their uses ….  to eat……to sleep in….. to sit in… and to hide behind…..and sometimes to make transport from…


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Owlets of the Kruger National Park…

The African Barred Owlet and the Pearl-Spotted Owlet are fairly common to the South-East areas of the park. Not easily spotted in summer, due to their natural camouflage, much easier in winter when the trees drop their leaves.

These small Owls, only 20cm (8 inches) in height, sit low in the trees for protection from their natural enemies, it being more difficult for them to surprise them from above. The Pearl- Spotted Owlet has what looks like two eyes on the back of its head, fooling an attacker that they are looking at them even if looking the opposite direction.

The African Barred Owlet is distinguished by the bars on its head, and the Pearl-spotted has the spotted head.

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