An Elephant for Breakfast…..

These photos were sent to me by email, so they are already public property and can claim no copy right and I post them here for you to see…

Never invite an Elephant for Breakfast….

I am not sure where these are taken but a good guess would be Botswana, and even stick my neck out and say possibly…… Chobe…

image001 (2)

image002 (2)












image003 (2)

image004 (2)












image005 (2)

7 thoughts on “An Elephant for Breakfast…..

  1. Well, except for the guy in the brown shirt, no one seems too concerned the elephant is even there. In you second photo, the guy reading the book doesn’t even appear to be aware of the elephant’s presence at all. That must be one good book! I think I’d be making room for the elephant, had I been there. My photos would have been snapped off a few feet further back. There are some brave/stupid ? people in this world. Or perhaps, I’m just a wimp. This was a fun share. Thanks. 😉

  2. I would be soooooo scared and petrified if I saw an elephant this close to my camp!
    I would start running.

  3. quite friendly I would guess. remarkable!!!! I don’t know how that last guy is going to get the elephant to move so he can get a tan,too funny!

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