My Dogs.. I love them everyone.

I own a pack of dogs, and always have, they have always treated me better than anyone else, and love me unconditionally..

The youngest one “Bartjie” is his name, is my wife’s dog, and was at her side (even on the bed) whilst she went through her last cancer episode. He knew when she was not at her best and would follow her everywhere. The first to greet her on returning from a chemo session, a lick behind the ear his form of greeting. then on the bed with her, and there he’d stay unless she arose for something.

The other three, belong to me, and cats have no chance with them, if they can they will follow them up a tree as you can see below..

second day test 008

second day test 012

second day test 009






















































19 thoughts on “My Dogs.. I love them everyone.

  1. What a nice story, Bulldog. I hope your wife is doing well. I loved the picture of Bartjie giving her a kiss. I also liked Tinkie’s picture…look at his devilsih eyes…he made me giggle…I would take him home in a minute!

    • We had cats when I was young and the dogs seemed to tolerate them. However my wife is allergic to them, so now its just dogs. It still amazes me when we visit friends with cats, how they will immediately gravitate towards her, want to sit on her lap etc. probably wanting to tell her they aren’t allergic to her….

  2. Our dogs do sense our moods and seem to know exactly when we need them the most. My pooch is like your tree climbers. Our Lola loves to cuddle and give lovin’s like your Bartjie. Your Whiskey has “attitude.” 🙂

  3. This is so touching, my heart goes out to your wife and the pack. Beautiful photos, beautiful dogs. They add another dimension to our lives or as the saying goes, they are not our whole life, but they make our life whole. Wonderful post.

  4. Oh dear Rob, I didn’t know this… These photographs so beautiful and I am impressed so much. Dogs are different they don’t like cats… And I can see this too in these photographs. How beautifully looking at your wife this lovely Bartjie, one eye black… Thank you dear Rob, for sharing with us. Love, nia

    • Thanks Nia, this dog of hers will yap and yap every day until he has greeted her. It will do anything for her and only comes to me at meal times.. A wonderful companion for a cancer sufferer…

        • She is fine Nia a stronger woman I’ve yet to meet, I would have given in years ago. She has suffered three different types of cancer and says every time she will survive it, been fighting now 18 years, she is my very Hero.

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