The African Buffalo.. A most dangerous specie…

The African Buffalo, no relation to the cattle breeds, is a most dangerous animal. They live in big herds, with younger bulls as their protectors. The breeding bulls, the older males often roam in small groups of three or four and will join the herd at breeding times. these Bulls are the sort after trophies of hunters, a fearsome animal to tackle. It has been known to attach hunters that are following the wounded; the Lion have learnt that they take on a dangerous animal when deciding to make one a meal…

A video published on YouTube attests to this and I add a link, watch it, it may appear cruel at times but that is nature, don’t switch off it ends happily with the downed Buffalo returning to the herd.

I have been up close to a few of these and although they look docile and tame, they can turn ugly in a second. An animal one must be very wary of, that head of horn is as hard as steel, and the curved horns have been the demise of many a big Lion, and for that matter man as well.

The link to YouTube a great heart wrenching, followed by heart warming ending.. 

Only 67 million odd have watched this video, so maybe you have already seen it…

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