A Visit to the Oncologist….Flowers, Birds and Trees…

Last week I had to take my wife for her three monthly check-up at the Oncologist… She has had three different types of Cancer over the last 18 years and these visits are a necessity to ensure if it comes back, we catch it early.. Whilst she was having her scans, x-rays and sonars I strolled around the grounds of the Hospital armed with my camera. These are a few photos I took of the flowers and trees.

I wrote an article on her experience with Cancer and attach a link to that article for all that wish to see… http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/cancer-a-survivors-story  She is my hero and was declared clear again, I hope her next problem is something small like an in-grown-toenail. They have cut her enough now and with radiation and chemo I’m worried she might start to glow in the night and sleeping will become difficult…..

A couple of photos taken in the grounds of the hospital…….

02-05-2012 Len 003

02-05-2012 Len 005

02-05-2012 Len 010

02-05-2012 Len 011

02-05-2012 Len 014

02-05-2012 Len 017

02-05-2012 Len 049

02-05-2012 Len 047

02-05-2012 Len 093












02-05-2012 Len 098

02-05-2012 Len 032












02-05-2012 Len 041

02-05-2012 Len 022

19 thoughts on “A Visit to the Oncologist….Flowers, Birds and Trees…

  1. Doing “catch up” on my reading and found your entry. I am so glad for the outcome for your wife and you, Rob. We have one of those visits coming up next month. I will be clear for 6 years on October 26. Love your flower pictures but something about the bird just captures my heart. Thanks for sharing your moments with all of us.

    • Thanks so much Russel we hope it stays clear for ever…I wanted so badly to do a photo blog of the inside of the hospital but they would not ive me permission… the inside being as beautiful as the out…

  2. She is a strong woman, I can understand this, I am so glad your check-up went well. My wishes and my love for you both. These photographs are amazing, they all fascinated me, especially the bird on the tree… Thank you dear Rob, with my love, nia

  3. You captured some amazing images, just beautiful! So glad for the good news on your wife too. It is hard when your mate gets cancer, it changes everything forever, so glad for you both that the anxiety has been put to rest yet one more time.

  4. beautiful photos! Some really familiar flowers 🙂 & what is that little bird in the pine tree thing?
    But most of all – your better half sounds an amazing woman. What courage and strength 🙂 So glad it was another ‘clear’ 🙂 Give her a hug from me & have one yourself xx

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