The Lipizzaner Horses of South Africa….. Kyalami area…

I’m sure you all know of the Lipizzaner breed of horse, famous in Europe, went through hell during the war, when dedicated trainers moved them around to make sure of their survival. Ours is closely associated with a horse training facility the Spanish Riding school in Vienna, Austria. Here the best of the breed receive training to show dressage at its best. They are masters of the aerial jumps known as “air above the ground”.

The horses in South Africa are descendants of the famous breed and are here locally trained by experts. The breed of horses dates back to the 16th century, and the horses are from the original blood line. The breed got its name from a village in the now Slovenia called Lipica. If you’re interested in horses, dressage, or watching poetry in motion, then I would recommend a trip to this location.

The horses perform every Sunday at 10.30 and the performance is an hour-long. There is a restaurant at the scene, but the best of it is, after the performance there’s a table of carrots and one can go and feed them to the horses. This allows the photographers among the visitors the opportunity to get up close for a snap or two.

This will be the first blog of many, I took nearly 900 photos on the day, with moving horses a lot were blurred and deleted, but many I have enjoyed.

Lipizzanna 008

Lipizzanna 012

Lipizzanna 018













Lipizzanna 026

Lipizzanna 079

Lipizzanna 083












Lipizzanna 072

Lipizzanna 135















Lipizzanna 140

Lipizzanna 141

















Lipizzanna 236

Lipizzanna 248

Lipizzanna 295