More of the Lipizzaner Horses, I just think they’re marvellous…

Some of the heads of beauty, and even a tail or two…..

Lipizzanna 673

Lipizzanna 681













Lipizzanna 682

Lipizzanna 694












Lipizzanna 703

Lipizzanna 729












Lipizzanna 740

Lipizzanna 866












Lipizzanna 762

Lipizzanna 901

Lipizzanna 871



















A Closer look at some of the Lipizzaner Horses…

After the show, the audience is invited to join the horses, for a snack. Carrots are available, (for a donation) that can be fed to the horses. The horse soon let you know if they feel a little neglected, by kicking on their stable door, the children run around trying to keep them all happy, the parents too. It is a wonderful feeling to get up close to these magnificent horses, and my wife even shared a moment or two with some of them, that just love to be loved….

Lipizzanna 881

Lipizzanna 884












Lipizzanna 689

Lipizzanna 717












Lipizzanna 765

Lipizzanna 767












Lipizzanna 683

Lipizzanna 848












Lipizzanna 849

Lipizzanna 870












Lipizzanna 780