More of the Lipizzaner Horses, I just think they’re marvellous…

Some of the heads of beauty, and even a tail or two…..

Lipizzanna 673

Lipizzanna 681













Lipizzanna 682

Lipizzanna 694












Lipizzanna 703

Lipizzanna 729












Lipizzanna 740

Lipizzanna 866












Lipizzanna 762

Lipizzanna 901

Lipizzanna 871



















19 thoughts on “More of the Lipizzaner Horses, I just think they’re marvellous…

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! You are such a bad boy!! Did nobody else get this? Anyway, these are amazing photos. I especially liked the one where you are looking down the row of horses. It’s like vanishing point photography with horse heads. I’ve been really enjoying this series!

  2. Beautiful, Rob. Got a chuckle from the last one. I haven’t seen all your pics yet, but it seems there are a lot more white / grey horses than darker colored horses. Are they bred for that? I am not familiar with this breed, but love the white horses since I rarely see them in the states.

    • They are actually born brown or dark and as they age they become grey then white..the breeding stallions I believe are dark, didn’t get to see them. But the whites are really white, lovely horses, there are only 4000 in the world and 88 of them in RSA..

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