A pair of Owls I photographed at a rehab centre….

The first I posted a photo of, on Fathers Day… a Cape Eagle-Owl… it had been brought to the rehab centre after being hit by a car, it was to be released back into the wild… and I believe it now has..

The second is a African Grass-Owl…. it had been taken away from someone who decided it would be nice to have as a pet… confiscated and brought to the rehab centre… it would have to stay there as apparently it has no idea how to catch its own food, or who it’s natural enemies are… they are not prepared to send it to a certain death so it is kept for education…


















































20 thoughts on “A pair of Owls I photographed at a rehab centre….

  1. WOW! How exciting… wonderful shots you did dear Rob, I love these birds, they are so beautiful and having a very strong image… Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

  2. Beautiful shots. Owls are one of my favorite birds. I’ve never been able to photograph one in the wild – only at a park. One day I hope to photograph one in the wild. I know they’re out there. I hear them occasionally at night.

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