Brown- Throated Martin… Mommy I’m Hungry…

These Martins decided to nest outside a pancake den that my wife owned… I had forgotten about these photos… The poor parents did nothing but feed them..






















































42 thoughts on “Brown- Throated Martin… Mommy I’m Hungry…

  1. What wonderful images you captured! No matter how I tried the lighting did not work in my favor (perhaps speaks more to the knowledge of the person behind the lens). The clarity of your photos is fabulous. Birds seem to build nests to meet the needs of the size of their eggs, not taking into consideration how big the birds will get before they fledge. With four babes in the nest I was watching, at times one looked like he was being sat on by the others. 🙂

    • I took these with a simple reflected light… I pulled a white Formica topped table into the sun that reflected sufficient light up on to the nest… but it is surprising what even a small sheet of white paper will do to the lighting of certain areas… I’ve taken to carrying a fold up white reflector that opens to quite a big area which one can lay on the ground to give a reflected light… since I bought it, I’ve never used it…. lol

  2. Awwwww…now that is precious indeed bulldog and thank you for posting the link. I absolutely love this! You are so blessed to have witnessed this and the photo’s are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks! 🙂 *hugs*

    • Amazing when one sees the food the parents bring, the size of it sometimes…. no wonder they hold their mouths open so wide, they’re hoping for the full grass hopper…

  3. Awesome photos! Much better than the one I attempted to get a few weeks ago! They are just too cute.

  4. Great pictures, Rob. Is this nest made from mud? Can’t wait to show these to my daughter in the morning, she’ll love them!

    • Everytime the parents flew past they opened their mouths… I realised if I got close enough the parents would come to see what I was up to and it was a case of standing there taking shot after shot till I got it…

    • They bred their every year and I kept forgetting to take my camera when I went for chocolate cake and chocolate milk shakes at the wife’s den… (chocolate before birds I think)

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