Blog Post Awards I’ve Been Given… Thank You All…

I’ve, over the couple of months I’ve been blogging, received nominations for various awards… I don’t know how to add them to my site… so I politely accept the nomination and humbly apologise for not posting them… However I have awarded myself some, and decided these photos describe them… Thank You Suzanne…

My first award is the “Obnoxious Award”

obnoxious award

My second is the “Attitude Award”

attitude award

The third is the “Surprise Award”

surprise award

The Next is the “Big Mouth Award”

big mouth award

My next is the “Beware Award”

beware award

The next is the “Envious Award”

envious award


And the last is a very prized one “The Outstanding Grandpa Award”

Outstanding Grandpa award.

43 thoughts on “Blog Post Awards I’ve Been Given… Thank You All…

  1. the photo for the obnoxious award is funny, but not an award you deserve. The others? Photos are great, awards made me grin, but I’m guessing the grandpa one is real – & probably richly deserved 🙂 In my experience, a grandfather is truly amazing & teaches & nourishes without making a fuss about it 🙂

  2. These awards are absolutely priceless. 😉 Your grandchild is so gorgeous. I also have a problem uploading awards, but I’m hoping my techie expert will help me this weekend. 😉 Have a great one, bdt.

  3. OH…..MY……LORD……………You are ………………well there are no words…and besides….you have said it all with your original awards!!
    Your precious Grandchild !!!!!!!!! SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! You are a lucky man!!!

  4. You are amazing and so beautiful dear Rob, you deserve all awards in the world. Of course the most beautiful one your grandson/daugther… so lovely, Blessing and Happiness to you all. And the next award seems that making serenade to you 🙂 or singing in opera… Beware award is amazing, exactly says that he is there! I loved them all. Congratulations dear Rob, Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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