Lions, at a Lion Park… With the White Lion..

These little cubs are gorgeous, and one can go in the pen with them,,,, the big White Lion… they look hungry…. no thanks not going in there…

cubs at play



























little ones at play 1















24 thoughts on “Lions, at a Lion Park… With the White Lion..

    • They were discovered in the wild many years ago, and it was discovered that they were not albino but actually a white gene within their blood… since then they have been bred successfully…

  1. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, lions are such amazing animals, the cubs are gorgeous, and the white lions, well it goes without saying how beautiful they are.

      • those claws are about teh same size as those on my fattee cattee – her great plushie paws remind me of a larger cat’s – & they pack a punch. I’ve only ever received an accidental swipe from her, she’s way too sweet to raise a paw in anger, but it was deep and swift & ouch!
        Though of course, those wee ones are mere kitties & she’s fully grown…

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