A Weekend Away in a Crowd.. with friends, the best!

A weekend away with good friends, will always be good fun, specially if its in a game park… Marloth Park… The wild game is all around you and it makes for a wonderful time. But when a Zebra strolls in amid the crowd, what do you do?   Feed it Naartjies and Oranges, you even peel it for the Zebra… The Kudu amid the trees show how good their camouflage can be….




















































19 thoughts on “A Weekend Away in a Crowd.. with friends, the best!

  1. Wonderful account of what looks like an amazing weekend. Cannot believe how that Zebra is so calmly eating out of your wife’s hands 🙂 Love Zebras ~ Fantastic photos once again bds~ 🙂

    • This Zebra just walked in and I actually moved away, my wife was eating a naartjie and walked over and offered it to the animal and it casually stood there and eat 5 or 6 out of her hand. I got the best of close up photos, of teeth and eyes and all.. it still surprised us all as this animal must have learnt that visitors to his park would feed him titbits he normally would not find.

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