Blue Wildebeest or Blouwildebees as it’s called in Afrikaans..

A larger antelope found in Southern Africa, in fact over most of Africa. a Gnu as known by many, lives in herds that can number in hundreds but normally in groups ranging up to 30. Often found grazing in the company of zebra, complementary grazers the explanation, as well as the Zebras confusing stripes to predators.

They a frolickers and love to just run for the fun of it, with bursts of speed and then slowing down to amusing gaits of stiff legged canters. They are for some a trophy, need to be shot and the head mounted… I hate this and would rather see them alive and playing… much better in the open plains of Africa…

Would you rather see this..? or the photos below the first..?

Rietvlei 7-5-2012 092

Tue 26-07-2011 004




I wonder what happened to her horn..? see her calf in the long grass..?


These guys need shade in the heat of the day.. and was photo’d in the Kalahari..

Plenty of sand but no sea….