Elephant… Kruger National Park..

“Mommy I’m Thirsty”……………..A youngster takes a drink from it’s mother… sorry cars you wait… The mammary gland of the female is under her front legs.. by standing with the leg forward, she makes the teat available for the young one to drink…






















A Elephant herd is made up of Cows with their young and only joined by a bull when he is in musk… the herd is led by a matriarch who can be seen clearly in this following photo.. she’s the biggest and seems to command the movement of the others, silently…


















They are a very well knit family unit and from the photos one can see their protection of each other…


The slightest sense of danger and the young are well protected by keeping in close contact with the mothers…..


And you will always get young bulls that have to show off their strength…
















But if there is one photo that demonstrates a family unit, mother and two children the following photo is by far my favourite… there is just something about this group….

elephant 3