Birds, Photographs that I Really Like…

These are photos that I have taken over a time period in the Kruger National Park… The next five posts are just going to be my special bird photos… Enjoy…

Glossy Starling …..


What are you looking at?… that’s one hell of a funny eye you’ve got..!!!


I know I should be looking in here somewhere… what am I looking for anyway??


Maybe it’s around this side then…


Ok lets try another flower and see if I can shake this guy off my tail…


No he’s still here looks like I’m going to have to fly.. lets see him get that body in the air…


24 thoughts on “Birds, Photographs that I Really Like…

  1. This was so lovely and so nice… Your photographs talking and he is talking with his eyes too… Fascinated me. You are amazing. Thank you dear Rob, love, nia

  2. Oh yes, these photos are VERY special. That starling’s plumage is glossy indeed. Love the colours, The blue and yellow really offset one another. As for that beady eye…….. it’s quite unnerving. 😀

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