Take This One to Bed…

First Love.

I remember the first time I tried it,

I was only a lad in my teens,

I was much older than she,

and she was so fair and serene.

It was out in the barn I remember,

at the close of a lush summer day,

the evening was scented with clover in bloom,

and the fragrance of of freshly mown hay.

I remember she moved a bit closer,

and the touch of her body was warm,

in her eyes there was a look of contentment,

as she snuggled her head on my arm.

I was so awkward and trembling,

and trying as hard as I could,

she helped me patiently waiting,

as a loved one who understood.

Seemingly long hours later I stood,

uncertain to stay or to run,

sweating and weak and fearful,

for the thought of what I’d done.

As I made my way back to the house,

I’ll never forget, I vow,

the thrill and the joy I felt as a boy,

on the day that I first milked a Jersey cow.

Don’t know who the author is but I just loved it……