Birds, Photographs I really Like.. day 4..

This Black-headed Oriole did make an attempt to vacate the vicinity when he realised I was trying to get photos of the flowers….


“Where did that bothersome man with a camera go? Can’t get any peace in the park anymore..”


“Damn there he is again… I’ll stick that camera where the sun don’t shine if he doesn’t push off..”


26 thoughts on “Birds, Photographs I really Like.. day 4..

    • Thanks for the look in… yes hes a beauty, never though of that maybe all the birds are saying “here he comes the super model maker”… Wonder what I have to do to get beautiful women to pose for me???? lol

  1. So interesting about the Aloe!! You are totally a comedian with your narratives bulldog –laughed out loud!! 🙂 Beautiful bird indeed ~ and wonderful photography xo

        • Robyn it is a wonder plant… our old African people use it for just about everything or ailment, one thing I use it for is skin cancer… works like a charm… might not be the same plant but it will be the same family and that’s good enough…

    • Its a spot within one of the camp sites where one can alight in safety.. these aloes are planted by the staff and attract the most varied cross section of birds… much to the delight of people like myself…

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