Birds, Photographs I really Like.. day 5 and the last for a while..

The last of the photos are of various birds that got in the way when I tried to take shots of sticks and stumps… they are a portion of my portfolio of my favourite photographs..





























































22 thoughts on “Birds, Photographs I really Like.. day 5 and the last for a while..

  1. Oooooh…Love them all, especially the black and white one..but the VERY best…the cute fuzzy, wuzzy one, tan with a Black “bib”…..ADORABLE…I want one!!!!!!

    • That is the Crested Barbet… a very colourful bird that can become so brazen in the parks that he will almost come and eat out of your plate… I have a photo where we were braaiing (barbecue) and the bird came and sat almost on me and watched what I was up too.

  2. Now you are being silly right? These gorgeous creatures are not only ‘in the way’ but they are ‘posing’ as glamourous models for you BDS!!!
    Fantastic shots — If this isn’t artistry – don’t know what is!! You even captured this cute little “head-tilt” thing (yellow black fella/gal) — and a ‘look’ in the eyes of the red/black beauty ~ just spectacular!! x R

  3. These are fabulous pictures. The only thing is – it’s going to be a bit embarrassing when I’m on holidays in two weeks time and staying at my brother’s. He’s got kookaburras that come down and sit on his railing in the morning. I want to get some shots, but I know already they’ll be nowhere as good as these!
    I’m just hoping I get at least one where I’m not shaking the camera :

  4. If that’s what you consider getting in the way….than you’re one lucky man. What beauty that got in your way! Love these images. Especially the yellow and black bird with beak open and the black bird towards the bottom. Lovely, as always.
    Much light to you,

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