A Scary Storm..

The heavens opened up and dumped some rain… my house has been under water twice in 10 years… will this happen again this season coming… my insurance hope not… me too for that matter… but this is a storm from last season when the heavens opened the door…






61 thoughts on “A Scary Storm..

  1. Wow fantastic storm photos Rob!!! Lightning is difficult to capture! I would love to be able to do that but since we live in the woods and the only sky we see is straight overhead the lightning remains elusive. I hope the rains hold back some so your house doesn’t get flooded. Be safe!

  2. These are such dramatic captures of the storm bulldog!! You were so lucky to get them as it’s a split second to catch that lightening bolt! So amazing to look at. The colors are out of this world too!! Great shots my friend!! xo

    • The lightening that night was so amazing but to press the shutter at the right time is a guessing game even 6 shots in 2 seconds some how seems to miss… just when the last photo is taken the lightening strikes… blank page… most frustrating… but thanks for the complement Robyn,,, haven’t seen a poem today.. something wrong?

      • most welcome –
        i’m slowing my posts down— just a lot to deal with on the physical end… hip/spine stuff is keeping me busy unfortunately. I’ll probably do a small Haiku later…it’s a ‘bird’ in flight – but sooo not up to par with your wondrous work. Nice clouds though 🙂 x

        • Robyn.. I’m sorry to hear that, I hope all improves quickly… I send you my prayers and warmth and hope you return to top health soon… you will be in my thoughts… get well soon I miss the words and smile… Hugs to you for strength to endure the hard time..

          • Thank you dear bulldog — it means a lot from you 🙂 It has been many many years of struggles for me … as you likely know (my story)… just at a point now where I’m a bit concerned because of progression. I will accept your warm thoughts and prayers — you are a love! xo

  3. I always liked storms (but without the intensity of flooding/tornados)…I go out on my back porch and watch the storms roll in – love rain…(we haven’t had any in a very long time) I think the photo’s are great! The sky looks purple to me!

    • If my memory is correct these where late afternoon, just at sun down.. the storm moved in and it got dark… the rain seemed to all fall out of the half visible hole in the cloud…

  4. Reminds me of a recently conversation I had with a visitor to Cincinnati from Los Angeles as she had never seen lightning! …. as she watched the storm through a large window.

    • I was lucky to get them… I had to basically anticipate when they would strike and shoot then… set the camera for 3 shots per sec.. (max 6 shots) so you hope that in 2 sec you catch something… Murphy’s Law 6th shot taken then the lightening strikes… and all you have is blank…

  5. Wow!!! Great storm shots, especially the lightning ones. That is one thing that I have never managed to photograph – lightning!! Now you’ve given me a challenge :). By the way, I am crossing my fingers that you don’t get any flooding!

    • Been flood twice 2001 and 2011 now building flood doors to divert any incoming water… hope that works cause sooner or later I’m going to struggle to get insurance cover…

  6. Is that for real? Looks like the storm of the century or something is about to hit your house? I hope have a super efficient lighting conductor to start of with? Then some anti-flood dykes or holes or something. Wait, I’ll get some buckets so long.

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