Giraffe in silhouette…

An early morning game drive, deliver up these photos. with the Kruger Gate opening before sunrise, the first encounter we had was this giraffe. I took the shots not knowing what to expect… for that matter not even giving much thought to camera settings. It was such a beautiful sight to see this lone giraffe having an early morning snack… I hardly remembered these photos taken last year and came across them last night when paging through photos, looking for those that I had taken of Bushbuck… I just felt that today I should share them…

game res 18-07-2011 008

game res 18-07-2011 001

game res 18-07-2011 005

game res 18-07-2011 007


39 thoughts on “Giraffe in silhouette…

  1. Oh bulldog — these are just unbelievable. So artistic…the silhouette effect — stunning! Just to see a wild giraffe is enough magic for me — but the way you caught these — like etchings… Trying to pick favorites and I am having trouble — shots 2 and 4 maybe — but all just breathtaking~ Bravo to you!!! Much Love!! xo

    • Thanks Robyn… as I’ve just written to Gina.. this is something I don’t normally do… wait for the sunrise, then begin… as Linda only discovered these the other night, I have now seen the potential… and in future will be looking for these opportunities…

    • Thanks Gina.. its funny when we get into the park early, I normally wait to try to capture the sunrise and then think of photos… for some unknown reason I took these shots before the sunrise… probably just over anxious to shoot something… and this is the result only discovered months later… but from now on, it will be something that I will remember having now seen the result of these…

    • This did strike me as unusual when we saw it , consequently the photo… but to be quite honest the full beauty is more in the photo and was actually only realised last night when Linda and I were going through some of the photos. She spotted it as I flashed through and asked where it came from.. so I think the photo is more stunning than the actual sighting.. They struck us as stunning last night although taken last year.. but they are stunning we agree…

  2. What a magical photo. So nice to wake up to this.
    (If I’m not around this coming week, it’s because internet here is so sparse, it takes me at least 5 minutes to open one post. I’ll catch up whenI get home.)

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