A Duck.. a colourful duck.. I don’t know the duck…

This Duck .. if that’s what it is… I found in a small pond at a guest house… so colourful and tame ish… But I have no idea what it is called or where it comes from, and there was no one any the wiser than me in the vicinity… but I share it with you and hope one of you know its name…














































54 thoughts on “A Duck.. a colourful duck.. I don’t know the duck…

  1. Wow! The pretty one must be the male. Such colours! This must be the duck version of the colourful parrot. I am so in love with the great diversity of Nature…including that of the human species. Alas that so many dull minds want to think that their expression of physical form is somehow superior rather than simply different and actually kill others for their physical differences. Nature is far more intelligent and Life is all about unity in diversity. Many thanks!

    • I agree with you entirely… yes the colourful one is the male… funny how in nature the male is quite often more attractive than the female.. and in the human its the other way round… (Glad about that, actually)…

    • this is the only one I’ve ever seen and now its disappeared from where it was… someone must have thought it would look better at their own home that at the bed-n-breakfast place where I saw them..

  2. That is absolutely incredible!! Just like everyone else, I couldn’t believe it was real! Thanks so much for sharing this and letting us see something so amazing.

  3. That is so neat, Bulldog. Never seen a duck so colorful. (I thought it was a decoy somebody painted at first!)

  4. I think it’s a Chinese duck – I remember looking for unusual ducks when I was purchasing baby fowl. Isn’t it exquisite – your photographs are perfect!

  5. Wow — wish I did know the name of this magnificent creature – but can only say it’s a beauty!! Yes – it looks almost plastic and painted!! Incredible capture once again my dear friend!!! xo R

    • That’s what I thought… when I came around a corner and walked into this I thought they must be plastic… what colours I wish I could paint… cause I would certainly paint this one…

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