More White-faced Duck… White-faced Whistling Duck

My last post gave all the details of the White-faced Whistling Duck… but here’s more photos taken all over…





























19 thoughts on “More White-faced Duck… White-faced Whistling Duck

  1. I love the one where they are are lined up in a row admiring the water together — they are some troop aren’t they? Great shots bulldog ~ loved looking at these 🙂 ~ xo R

    • Thanks again Robyn… there were about 200 to 300 there that day and I took a photo but they are so spread out the photo does not do them justice … and when so many are together … the whistling is tremendous..

    • Thank you… it is actually a very colourful duck… I have photos where I estimate there is at least 2 to 300 of them all together but they are so spread out its difficult to post the photo…

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