The Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus)

Vervet monkeys are highly social animals, and occur in well organised troops, dominated by males. Females do not leave their natal group, but males emigrate from the troop at puberty.

This is a seasonal breeder and single young are born between March and May after a gestation period of 140 days. Inter birth intervals could be longer than a single season, and is correlated with food abundance.

The diet tends to be omnivorous, feeding on fruit, flowers, leaves and insects, which constitutes the bulk of their diet. Primates are amongst the few mammals with colour vision, which allows Vervet Monkeys to distinguish between green and ripe fruit.

Males have a mass of 6kg and measure 1.1 m in length, whereas females are slightly smaller and weigh only 4kg. Vervet Monkeys have a silver-grey body with a marked black face. The ridge of the eyebrows is white, and so are the feet and tail tip. The genitals of adult males are vividly coloured to signal sexual status, namely a red penis and a blue scrotum.

And here’s a few photos…. not of the penis and scrotum…

             What’s going on over there..?                                   Ok.. finish up now, I have another problem..           















        Yep it’s in there somewhere, keep looking..                                     Oooo… that feels good…

Hi Rob we're back after the flood













Is it a bird.. a plane.. look out there’s something falling our way…



    Stop… I see something odd on your leg..                                 Ahh… there got it, damn ticks hide everywhere













Do you have to take a photo when I’m eating..??