Home of the Bulldog..

I thought you might just enjoy our start of the spring season….

First where I start my day with my constant companion…… and then the first signs of spring caught after the sunrise today…..

Spring signs 012

Spring signs 002

























And now for the first signs of spring, in the garden…..

Spring signs 004

Spring signs 005

Spring signs 007











Spring signs 009-001

32 thoughts on “Home of the Bulldog..

  1. So beautiful, so beautiful…. Yes, spring is there now and autumn will be here soon… I loved your home and your landscapes… Thank you, have a nice Spring days, love, nia

  2. I love springtime, but we have to wait untill next year, then we have spring again. For us summer is almost over and autumn is on its way, but now I can enjoy your pics and feel a little spring again 🙂

    • Thank you… yes for the last week it has been spring weather… warm day and night… only to wake this morning to find winter has returned with a vengeance… Thought spring was too early…

    • Thanks, it is where we are staying at the moment, or for the last nine months, hiring out my other house while my new business gets off the ground.. then I’m going to be travelling a bit and hopefully overseas as well… all to market our product…

  3. How nice to visit with you at home Bulldog. It looks like Spring is welcoming all of you so warmly! Your puppy looks so sweet — how nice to have a constant companion (my little Rumi is the same here — every move I make he’s there) … Oh – and read you do exercise with a Samurai sword ~ so does my husband 🙂 He used to scare all the little kids when he played with that thing in our driveway years back! He is a Tai Chi master so got into it as part of the discipline I think 😉 Lovely photos today, enjoyed! ~R

    • Love the dog..(ASCII) the name…. Blooms too early but saw them from my perch (greatly surprised)… the Samurai I use as part of an exercise, not very proficient with it, but my son brought it for me in Japan and I’ve done exercises since then… he’s the one with the black belt… me… as a youngster, I learnt how to run… till I grew up then I thought I could take on the world… guess what I couldn’t… now, if necessary I have enough knowledge with it to be able to protect myself…(can’t peel and apple in the air yet…) but used it to open chocolate wrappers…

  4. Wow these are super photos. You folks are experiencing spring and we are starting to see signs of Autumn. Leaves are tuning and dropping from the Black Tupelo trees already. A month early by my calculations. I wonder if that means a long cold winter…

  5. Beautiful photos. As you are going into spring, we are heading into fall. Just had our first early morning frost this morning. Kind of refreshing. Fall is my favorite season – pleasantly warm days, cool evenings. I look forward to your spring and summer photos during our LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG winter.

  6. Great photos, and you’re lucky to be heading into Spring. Although it’s still warm here during the day, the early mornings and nights are much cooler meaning that Fall is on its way, quickly followed by the “W” word. I can’t even say it! Yuck!! I really love the 5th photo from the top by the way. Something about the delicate pink flowers against the blurred background really appeals to me :).

    • Way too early to be Spring actually… I am predicting a later showing of Winter with more snow on the mountains that is going to ruin the peach and plum crop this year… mid October…

  7. Spring has sproinged?
    Love the pics, the sunset and the flowers…the house looks good but no dykes (let’s not go there) to keep the water out? – plus the dykes (we’re still not going there) can act as a moat and you can have your very own drawbridge and when the bad citizens storm your house to steal your pics, the clock and the dog you can lift the bridge/door and pour boiling oil onto them and they’ll run away screaming and your stuff will live to see another day? If the baddies don’t survive you’ve got a ready cooked meal?

    • Hey have you not seen the size of me.?.. I am the moat and drawbridge… if they get past me they’re welcome to what I have… and that’s the pack of dogs behind me… also my Samurai sword tends to look strangely like a draw bridge, specially when I stand outside and do my exercises with it…….

  8. I have some photos of spring blossom I took last night. A couple of weeks early this year, and we have had barely half our average winter rainfall. I’m not looking forward to summer!
    Love the hound 🙂

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