32 thoughts on “Drakensberg or Dragon Mountains..3

  1. Gosh – these mountains… one day I need to make up a fantasy story about them. How close to where you live are these? I showed them to hubby and he was in awe (loves mountains)…. BTW, he’s not all that swift with his sword either – but as you said – part of the discipline of learning his Tai Chi Art… He was tickled you had one too πŸ™‚ xo

    • These mountains stretch almost all along the areas I’ve lived in… so they are never really far from us… we also cross them on our way to the coast for our holidays…

      • Ooops! I’m sorry, I was answering another comment and somehow it ended up here. No I have never been there or lived there….however I would love to see the view of those incredible mountains. When we lived in WY. my view was the Wind Rivers….the continental divide and incredible Rockies….loved looking at the mountains as they were ever changing with light and weather….seasons. I love mountains!

    • Thank you… yes the beauty of this country is underestimated… by many but specially by those that live here…. there is so much to see and such a diversity of places to visit… yet few have seen it all…

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