Voortrekker Monument, the Flowers.

I decided to do something different yesterday, to photograph a building rather than birds or animals.. so a visit to the Voortrekker Monument (Voortrekker is Afrikaans for Pioneer or trailblazer) was on the cards. I last visit this site in the late 1970’s so why not… a massive monument 40 x 40 x 40 metres or 125 x 125 x 125 feet, should test my imagination, to attempt to copy some of you brilliant photographers… I found the place so different to my last visit that I took 100s of photos and am now trying to put together in as short a post (posts) as possible, what I hope will interest you all..

But the gardens were magnificent so I’m starting today with a few photos of the flowers…

The Monument…

Voortrekker Monument 244

The flowers or actually just some of the flowers in the gardens surrounding the monument….

Voortrekker Monument 128

Voortrekker Monument 090













Voortrekker Monument 004

Voortrekker Monument 176

Voortrekker Monument 144















Voortrekker Monument 140

Voortrekker Monument 099












Voortrekker Monument 006

Voortrekker Monument 119












Voortrekker Monument 088

Voortrekker Monument 087











Voortrekker Monument 009

Voortrekker Monument 005










Voortrekker Monument 109

Voortrekker Monument 107

33 thoughts on “Voortrekker Monument, the Flowers.

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    • I was last there so many ears ago I couldn’t remember the gardens… but the whole area is now so different with so many more memorials and such. I’m going to do a whole series on it… the place is now a pride for RSA, and the foreigners seem to be pouring in..

  2. Awesome shades of gorgeous flowers – especially love the deep coral shades… the monument looks pretty amazing – will look forward to more on that in your series! ~ Sending good thoughts your way ~R x

  3. I was also last there in the 1970’s. Newsferret visited the monument a few weeks ago when he went up to Pretoria, and said that he was so disappointed to see all the security that was in place now. Your flower pics are really gorgeous. 🙂

    • Wow apart from the entrance I found no other security anywhere… I wonder if there was not something on when Newsferret was there… you know what the blue brigade is like…
      I’m going back on Sunday to attend the unveiling of the monument in remembrance of the Rhodesian civilians that lost their lives when the two civilian planes, Viscounts, that were shot down by terrorist. I’m from Rhodesia and had a few female and male friends that were on the planes. I’ll look out for the security and report back…

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