Voortrekker Monument, the Cenotaph.

Voortrekker Monument 047

Post 2 of the Voortrekker Monument.

The Cenotaph, situated in the centre of the Cenotaph Hall, is the central focus of the monument. In addition to being viewable from the Hall of Heroes it can also be seen from the dome at the top of the building, from where much of the interior of the monument can be viewed. Through an opening in this dome a ray of sunlight shines at twelve o’clock on 16 December annually, falling onto the centre of the Cenotaph, striking the words ‘Ons vir Jou, Suid-Afrika’ (Afrikaans for ‘We for Thee, South Africa’). The ray of light is said to symbolise God’s blessing on the lives and endeavours of the Voortrekkers. December 16, 1838 was the date of the Battle of Blood River, commemorated in South Africa before 1994 as the Day of the Vow.





The Cenotaph….

Voortrekker Monument 052

The opening from the Hall of Heroes where the ray of the sun shines through and strikes the cenotaph on the 16th December at 12pm, seen in the picture on the right, the opening in the dome.

Voortrekker Monument 053

Voortrekker Monument 054












The Hall of Heroes…                                                             The Cenotaph from the Hall of Heroes floor level…

Voortrekker Monument 075

Voortrekker Monument 010













A climb takes you up to the top of the dome where one can see down to the floor of the Hall of Heroes and through the opening to the Cenotaph…

Voortrekker Monument 045

Voortrekker Monument 011













Voortrekker Monument 042

Voortrekker Monument 037

17 thoughts on “Voortrekker Monument, the Cenotaph.

  1. I don’t have a fear of heights and even I got a bit dizzy looking down from the top…could be cause my pink terrorist was trying to climb onto the wall to look down too and almost gave me a heart attack! 😉

  2. What an amazing place – very spiritual!

    We have something similar (though not quite as spectacular) at the Australian War Memorial in the Hall of Memory. It’s a dome structure and any tiny sound echoes off the roof and walls.

  3. This is amazing!! What design, I’m always fascinated when things are magnificent in design and then the use
    of the sun to light the the words once a year…incredible…

    • Thanks I must admit I’d forgotten too.. I was actually gob smacked at the cleanliness, the gardens and generally what a wonderful tourist attraction it actually was… I really enjoyed my visit..

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