Voortrekker Monument other views, top and bottom.

These are just some other photos I took to try and show the beauty of this monument.

Voortrekker Monument 012

Voortrekker Monument 079












Voortrekker Monument 033

Voortrekker Monument 078












Voortrekker Monument 085

Voortrekker Monument 195












Voortrekker Monument 106

Voortrekker Monument 031












Voortrekker Monument 132

Voortrekker Monument 084













Voortrekker Monument 076

Voortrekker Monument 051

17 thoughts on “Voortrekker Monument other views, top and bottom.

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    • Jumped straight there and BAM… my heart nearly stopped, what a beautiful photo and specially for me… how kind of you… I spent four and a half months there doing a survey job up and down all the gorges… and that photo just means so much to me… thank you, you don’t know what this means to me…

  2. Off to sleep but could not resist one more peek at this monument series. That first shot is exquisite –Something about the light coming through the open sections of the design – very special! Such a neat series for you to do — something different and educational too!! xo Enjoy your day – and Iā€™m heading to harvest some dreams šŸ™‚ xo

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