Pied Kingfisher.

The Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) is a water kingfisher and is found widely distributed across Africa and Asia. Their black and white plumage, crest and the habit of hovering over clear lakes and rivers before diving for fish makes it distinctive. Males have a double band across the breast while females have a single gorget that is often broken in the middle. They are usually found in pairs or small family parties. When perched, they often bob their head and flick up their tail.

Here’s some photos…..


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                            HIM………                                                                            HER………………..

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Rietvlei 7-5-2012 009


















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The Power of a Face Book Share.

Yesterday (all my troubles were so far away, no that’s the Beetles song, idiot) my blog took an unexpected run, that had me wondering why. It was a post on the Rhodesian Memorial day, followed by my Giant Kingfisher photos.

I, on a normal day, can expect between 50 and 150 visits, yesterday I had 719. What had caused this to happen? I had shared my blog on Face Book, Twitter and Google plus, the normal shares I do just to let my friends know I’ve posted again. (I have a few that don’t blog and won’t follow on email).

Why had I gone semi viral? A look on Face Book showed a few friends had hit the “Share” button, and obviously this had given me a bit more exposure. A lot more exposure, I started to get emails from all over the world from other ex-Rhodesians, gosh it was great. An analysis showed nearly 500 visits resulted from Face Book, and I gained a whole lot more followers.

Followers, must be followed, well that is my feeling in any case, so I have gained more blogs to look at.. and that is wonderful, I love it. More people to interact with and more opinions to read, more friends to make and .. wow… I even discovered a few extra South Africans to follow..

Never underestimate the power of a share or re-blog, some thing my good friend Nia taught me when I first started. She re-blog one of my posts that took me from a daily visit of 10 – 20 visits to the 50 –150, and she introduced me to all of you who’s blogs I love…

Thanks for all the visits, comments and humours banter.. I really enjoy it, and it has broadened my knowledge in so many ways on so many subjects… I enjoy you all.. what… I love you all…

Capture 18

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