Rhodesia’s Viscounts Down Memorial Day, more Photos.

I’ve already posted a blog on the Monument and the story behind the day.. I just thought I’d add a few photos of those that attended. I’m sorry I don’t know all the names but maybe you recognise some of your old friends… enjoy…

As you all know (or don’t) Keith Nell was the back bone to this monument and assisted by a team organised the building and the day… to him and his team go all the thanks, and for copies of Keith’s book “Viscount Down” you can now order it in soft cover… here is a link.. it tells the whole story of the horrifying incidents..

             Keith Nell and a fellow SAS, flag raiser..                                         The Master of Ceremonies….

                  C/Sgt Johan Bezhuidenhout                                                                       Mike Westcott

Rhodesian Memorial 008

Rhodesian Memorial 026












                    The crowd spread amid the trees… what a good turn out… 450 of us there…

Rhodesian Memorial 011

Rhodesian Memorial 010

The Service was led by Lt. Col. The Rev. Bill Dodgen, who three days prior to the Service suffered a mild stoke, he could hardly talk before Sunday, yet like all good Ex- Rhodesians, soldiered on to take the dais.

We Know Bill is suffering badly, and living off an almost indigent income, (anyone knowing of some help let us know) but his brave stand on Sunday, was worthy of high praise and thanks…

Rhodesian Memorial 031

The un veiling of the Hunyani side of the memorial…..  Joy Kerr

Rhodesian Memorial 044

The un veiling of the Umniati side of the Monument… Ian Du Plessis

Rhodesian Memorial 042

         The consecration of the Monument….                                          and the laying of wreaths……

Rhodesian Memorial 087Rhodesian Memorial 046













The front rows taken up by family and special friends of the deceased… how they remember them….

Rhodesian Memorial 050

                  Some gathered for photos after to add to their albums, and to send to friends far away…

Rhodesian Memorial 149

    Ronnie (you all know her) and Alf (the poet)                            and two badges I’m sure you’ll recognise..

Rhodesian Memorial 076

Rhodesian Memorial 104

Rhodesian Memorial 103

Trumpeter Hornbill.

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I capture these Photos in Southbroom on the Natal South Coast of South Africa…..