I’m Going to be Missing…

To all that follow and look in, I thank you…. I’m going to be missing for the next three weeks… I’m going to my son in the South African outback, miles from everywhere, and where internet is difficult. I have had such a good week last week that it seems a pity to now take that break, but circumstances require it.

Capture 29

I have developed a computer program that appears totally unique, with no like program in the world. A company set up for the encoding and development, as well as marketing and future of the program called “Bulldog’s Turf Solutions” is now registered and requiring all of my time. It is a family business, with me as the idea and discoverer of the program, my Son-in-law and Daughter as the program developers and encoders, Linda (my wife) as the business head for quality and sales, and my Son as a consultant. It will end as an International company, and as MD allow me to travel over seas, so beware I might just pop in to see you one day, so have the chocolates hidden.

I have been testing modules as they have been completed and the whole program is now coming together. Manuals, protocols, help files all now need writing and this is going to take a few weeks. The consulting is important and that is why I’m going to write all of these documents whilst at my son’s house in Kathu.

I promise to look in as and when I get a break, or when I want to take a break. I have created a whole series of posts and set them up for posting automatically. Please continue to look and “like” if you do, and comment as well, I will answer when I get internet air-time, and will look at as many of your blogs as possible. I might not comment, but I promise if you look for my new Gravatar (my new one, got tired of sitting in that wheelbarrow) you will see I’ve been to visit.

This is a very exciting time of my life and seeing my “baby” reaching fruition, beyond words. The potential of the company, frightening. Linda and I have owned many businesses in our life, but none with the potential income of this one, and to honestly say we can comprehend the figures the accountants mention, would be a lie. My nerves are on a route march, willing to run away, when one sits with the expertise that are share holders in the company, who talk figures that are way beyond my wildest dreams, scary.

So I bid you adieu, for a short period, but will be looking in…. my posts should come through automatically, and please comment if you can, or want to, I will catch up, that’s a promise….

I will likely take a break from working and capture what I can on camera whilst in the Kalahari area of South Africa, and return with some good captures to share as we enter into our Summer. That time will be limited, as my son is a hard working man and likely to put enormous pressure on me to complete all the documentation within the time period I have with him. He tells me he has a surprise for me when we get there, so the 630km (400 ml.) will feel a long trip. (The little {mind you not so little, as big as me} so-and-so won’t even give me a hint as to what it is.)

See you all in a few weeks……