Green-backed Heron

The Green-backed Heron (Butorides striatus),

A small dark grey heron, with a black crown, dark green back and paler grey under parts. so easily confused with the Dwarf Bitten, from the rear. This is a fairly common sight in the dams and rivers of the Kruger National Park and feeds on frogs and small crabs. There are so many varieties of this specie spread far over the world that the Green-backed is often referred to a group of these herons… however these photos I got at Sunset dam near the Lower Sabie rest camp….

Thur 21-07-2011 052

Thur 21-07-2011 054


Thur 21-07-2011 060

Thur 21-07-2011 057


38 thoughts on “Green-backed Heron

    • Thanks Debra.. if it wasn’t in the game reserve where you can’t get out of your car… I would have maybe doubted it myself… they sit so still and wait for their prey, I was actually lucky to get this one moving into what must be a favourite spot… waited for a half hour hoping to get a shot as he captured something but then we heard the Lion calling so had to leave…

    • It is so colourful… and to be honest so far I haven’t been told I’m wrong… there are so many smaller herons that look similar to this that I had difficulty deciding which one I was going to call it…. I do have a few experts that look at my posts, and not one has contradicted me so I must be right… thanks for the look in and comment…

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