A new Car for a Motorbike…

I’m still here by my Son in Kathu… and will be till next month… but he and his wife surprised us with a new car…. so we bought him a motorbike, like all good parents we made sure he can’t have an accident on this one… I think who ever made it is a true artist and very handy… its 200 mm ( 8 inches) tall… and so well made… some enterprising person sat and worked this out and welded it together… bearings, chains, bolts, nuts, caps, washers, locknuts, galvanised pipe fittings and who knows what else… brilliant…









































And we bought him a fisherman to go with the bike, also made from the same material… again brilliant…



25 thoughts on “A new Car for a Motorbike…

  1. Sounds like you have a GREAT family! Congrats on the new car (loved the motorcycle) Glad the work is going well for you!

  2. Oh wow!! These are just grand bulldog. I love this kind of art… Have some similar pieces actually — and the fisherman is totally awesome! I love the concept of “accident-proof” motorbikes — good thinking there. Lots of love and hugs to Kathu for all of your wonderful family — enjoy!! xo

  3. SO COOL!! I’ll bet he LOVES them! 🙂 🙂 :). And a new car!! Weird, we’re on the same path, just drove to Chicago last week to get a new car….hope everything is moving along well for all of you!

    • Thanks … yes new car… and all this work can’t get to drive around in it… 400 page manual completed and editing now… one more to go… most was written before coming here and now its all been cut and paste in correct order and now the editing…

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