Elephant. Natures Big mother.

Elephants are the largest living land animals on Earth today.

The way I eat chocolate, I’m doing my best to haul them in.. Elephants are a symbol of wisdom and are famed for their memory and intelligence; their intelligence level is thought to be comparable to that of dolphins. The saying is “An elephant never forgets”, I’m like that, till it comes to birthdays and wedding anniversaries, but this is a monster that I love to watch. So many stories are bandied about of their memory, how they live in the deserts and know exactly where to go for water and food at certain times of the year. I just love the critters…..

This one was not too friendly and gave us fair warning of that, I gave him a smile and he forgave me, never to forget…





Tue 26-07-2011 075

tue 19-07-2011 035


35 thoughts on “Elephant. Natures Big mother.

    • Thanks… been so much closer to aggression than that… but when a ellie is getting cross you don’t take photos if you’re behind they steering wheel of a car… you drive…

    • Thanks … no not exactly the animal to pick a fight with… saw a vehicle once that had bumped into the rear of one.. he merely sat down, and flattened the whole front end… looked like something out of a comic book…

  1. oh my gosh!!!!! I hope you know how lucky you are to encounter these guys. They are my favourite animal EVER but I’ve only seen them in a zoo. Great photos – thanks for sharing.

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